When A Dog Got Stuck Under Her House, Police Sent Their Best “Dog Whisperers” To Free Her

Dogs dig for all sorts of reasons. Some dogs dig to hide toys, bones, and other treasures. Others dig when they’re anxious, bored, or stressed. Dogs dig to explore new things or places. Many dogs dig just for fun.

Unfortunately, Buttercup, a dog from upstate New York, was about to find too much digging can also get dogs into trouble. According to Fox 5, the unlucky pup suddenly found herself trapped under the house.

Photo: Pixabay

Fortunately, West Seneca Police dispatched “dog whisperers” with badges to Buttercup’s house when they learned of the dog’s unusual predicament. “Developing story,” West Seneca Police wrote on Twitter. “We’ve sent our two best dog whisperers. Updates to follow.”

Through a series of occasionally hilarious tweets, the department would keep followers updated on Buttercup’s rescue story, allowing fans to follow along in real-time.

“Buttercup somehow managed to make his way deep under the home’s foundation and can’t get out,” the department offered next, along with a photo of Buttercup’s rescuers. “Officer Rave is very concerned. Officer Pingatore is only concerned with looking cool.”

Officers realized they’d have to dig their own hole to reach the trapped dog, who had really gotten wedged in the house’s foundation. This led Officer Pingatore to grab a shovel.

“We’ve brought in the heavy machinery,” the department tweeted. “Not a precision machine though as he just shoveled dirt on Officer Rave’s head.”

After digging for a while, officers stopped to inspect their progress. Officer Pingitore handed his partner a flashlight.

“In the spirit of the Summer Olympics a flashlight has been passed like a relay baton,” the police department tweeted. Unfortunately, the “relay baton” only confirmed that Buttercup remained stuck and just out of reach.

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At last, after “more digging and “brainstorming,” officers finally reached the trapped dog. “SUCCESS! Buttercup has been saved,” the department tweeted. “Gold medals for everyone.”

The department’s final tweet in this series shows a very relieved and happy Buttercup being reunited with her family. “Buttercup is OK!” West Seneca Police concluded. “She appreciates everyone rooting for her during this harrowing rescue. #savebuttercup.”

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