Dog Trainer Arrested After 3 Soon-To-Be Service Dogs Died In Her Car

Police in Fort Worth, Texas are now investigating an incident after three dogs died while locked inside a woman’s car. What is most disturbing, is the woman in question was a dog trainer, and the dogs weren’t even hers.

One would think that dogs would be safe in the hands of a professional dog trainer.

As dog owners, it is our responsibility to make sure our pets are well behaved. Nobody wants a pet that goes around biting people or ripping up every piece of furniture you own. Normally, we are able to deal with a dog’s bad habits on our own and train them out of it ourselves.

Photo: Youtube / CBSDFW

However, sometimes there comes a time when we need a little bit more help and that’s when we turn to professionals. Professional dog trainers are there to make our lives a little easier and wedge the gap between dogs and their owners so they can be a functioning team.

We have no qualms about leaving our pets in the care of professionals because we assume that they know what they’re doing even better than us. But sometimes, we run across the ones that oddly enough, don’t know the basics of dog care. And that is when the tragic ensues.

Photo: Instagram / itsvinny3

One of the dogs that passed away in the trainer’s car was Vinny, a Pomeranian. Vinny was the service dog to owner, Brooke King, who suffers from anxiety and depression. Vinny helped her manage her depression, keeping her calm.

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As a service animal, Vinny was able to access many of the places dogs normally wouldn’t be allowed in, such as airports, grocery stores, restaurants, and office buildings.

Photo: Instagram / itsvinny3

Being the responsible dog owner she is, Brooke felt that it would be a good move to take Vinny to training in order to make sure he could behave himself in public places so that the risk of accidents would be reduced.

She went out and hired a professional trainer – to whom she paid a lot of money – only to end up losing her best friend.

One of the other dog victims was a Bull Mastiff. This dog was also a fellow service dog who was helping a veteran suffering from PTSD.

Photo: Youtube / CBSDFW

The irony of the whole situation is quite painful as one would expect a professional dog trainer of all people to be well aware of the dangers that come with leaving dogs locked inside a car during the summer heat.

And it gets worse as the trainer had apparently left the dogs inside the car in order to chat with her friend working inside a vet clinic – a place of all places where dogs are most certainly welcomed to enter.

Photo: Youtube / CBSDFW

The trainer claims that her vehicle has a sensor inside that let her know when the car gets too hot inside. However, on this particular day, the air conditioner stopped working as soon as the vehicle stopped running, and her “sensor” never went off.

A car parked outside can easily heat up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit within minutes. On a hot day, all it takes is 15 minutes, and a dog can either experience brain damage or die of heatstroke. Cracking a window open doesn’t do anything either.

It really is quite a tragedy. What was the dog trainer even thinking?

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