Dog Is Tired Of Human Spending Too Much Time On His Phone. See What He Does About It!

We live in a digital age. Yup, we certainly do. “Screen time” is taking up too much of our time. Maybe a video like this will remind us that we need to pay less attention to our screens and more attention to the people and animals right in front of us. Our families need us. Our families want us to interact with them. We need to remember that more…

This dog has had enough! He wants his human back! He wants screen time to be a thing of the past! He’s over it and does what he has to, to get his message across. And it’s pretty hilarious. 🙂


Does your pet think it’s time to put the phone down too? How about your kids? Yea… this video is the pawfect reminder of what’s really important in your life. That, and to get your dog more tennis balls. HAHA!


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