The Happiest Ending To A Very Sad Story

Kenny the dog has a lovely mom. You may recall that Kenny’s mom got him a brand new bed of his own! This was a big deal, because Kenny is a rescued dog, and looks like the sweetest one you might ever get to meet. His rescued status means he’s incredibly appreciative of any gift his wonderful mom gets him. You can imagine how excited he must get for treats, toys, and especially pets! But in this instance, there was one tiny little problem.

You see, Kenny is a handsome, loving, extra-large dog. But in a mistake we can probably all relate to, Kenny’s mom accidentally picked the XS option instead of the XL she intended. Still, Kenny was so grateful for the little luxury! That sweet head resting on the tiny dog bed pillow is simply to die for.

We wrote a story about Kenny’s cute response to receiving a tiny dog bed. But we didn’t expect to receive an email from a company called Big Barker! These guys are amazing. They told us:

“Big Barker felt so badly for Kenny… (We can’t stand to see a big dog uncomfortable!) So we did something about it.”

And they did. If one little doggie bed (bestowed with so much love) made Kenny’s eyes light up so, imagine what a giant and luxurious bed could do! Oh wait, you don’t have to imagine. Kenny’s mom happily posted it, so that the whole world can see!

Now that’s what I call love. Sleep well, Kenny dear!

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