Great Pyrenees Lays On Top Of Cat That Stole Her Bed

One of the arguments that have been around for as long as we have been around is the debate over dogs and cats. In most cases, people will consider themselves to be dog people or cat people.

It really doesn’t matter whether you prefer dogs or cats, all of them are amazing animals in their own way.

That doesn’t mean, however, that they don’t have a struggle that is all too real between them.

Photo: flickr/Aiko, Thomas & Juliette+Isaac

That fact can be seen in a most adorable way in the following video. It seems as if Lindsay Curtis has both a dog and a cat in her family.

Luna, the dog, did something to the cat, Dill, and it is something you have to see.

It happened in October when Luna wanted to have a snooze in her dog bed. There was a problem, however, and that was the fact that Dill decided that the bed was hers and she was right in the middle of it.

Photo: TikTok/lindsaycurtis1

That is when Luna took the bull by the horns and sat on Dill. Lindsay said: “I know my dog did not just sit on the cat.”

Dill doesn’t seem all that happy with what has gone on but it doesn’t stop Luna from enjoying her newfound comfortable sleeping area.

Photo: TikTok/lindsaycurtis1

The expression on the cat’s face is absolutely priceless and people were quick to laugh at the situation in the comments.

Watch the moment in the video below:


I know my dog did not just sit on the cat 😂 #fyp #cat #dog #MakeItCinematic #funny

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