Dog Realizes That The Mailbox Is The Perfect Way To Greet The Neighbors

Even though we are staying home more often due to the pandemic, it doesn’t mean that we completely ignore what is going on outside of our front door. We may even find that we are staring out the window, waving to anybody that looks in our direction.

As it turns out, dogs have that desire as well and Rigby is an excellent example. Every day, Rigby says hello to people who are walking by his home by popping his head out of the mailbox. He may not be able to get outside, but saying hello from the mailbox is the next best option.

This isn’t something that Rigby just started due to the pandemic. Ever since he was a little puppy, he has enjoyed saying hello to people passing by from the mailbox. At this point in his life, he is too big so he only puts his head out of the hole. When he was a puppy, his whole body could fit inside.

Photo: YouTube / Stories of Animals

When Courtney Poole, Rigby’s mother, spoke with The Dodo, she said: “[My husband] and I would pass him to each other through the mailbox.”

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Not many people are able to make that statement. Rigby is now one-year-old and he doesn’t fit his entire body in the mailbox but he does fit his head through so he can look outside and say hello.

Photo: YouTube / Stories of Animals

Rigby has also become somewhat of a local celebrity, and many people will stop to say hello or take a picture. Perhaps the person that got the biggest surprise was the mailman who opened the mailbox and saw the little dog looking back in his direction.

It didn’t take him long to realize that Rigby was a friendly sort, and now they have a beautiful friendship.

Photo: YouTube / Stories of Animals

It’s nice when anybody does something to make others happy, and it looks like Rigby is an example to follow.

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