Dog Steals Reporter’s Microphone While She’s Doing A Live Broadcast

In Russia, a reporter was doing a live broadcast and was shocked when a dog ran at her, jumped into the air, and snatched her microphone out of her hands.

The playful pup darted away with the microphone on live air, while the reporter was left stunned. After realizing what happened, she ran after the dog to try and get her microphone back.

The whole thing was broadcasted and eventually ended up on Twitter, thanks to Twitter user @Ozkok_A. The video received over 11 million views since being shared on Twitter, along with thousands of comments and likes.

Photo: Twitter/Ozkok_A

In the video, you can see reporter Nadezhda Serezhkina of Mir TV doing a weather forecast for Moscow as usual. Everything appears normal as she discusses current weather-related happenings.

Photo: YouTube/jill hornet

Within a split second, the broadcast is cut short when a playful golden retriever lunges at Serezhkina and snatches her microphone.

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The dog quickly runs away, as if the whole thing is a game, with the reporter quickly on its heels.

Photo: YouTube/jill hornet

During the chaotic moment, the presenter in the studio reminded silent until anchor Elina Dashkueve says, “It looks like we have lost the connection to our correspondent… we will try to connect with her momentarily.”

Watch the hilarious clip in the video below:

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