Dog Steals Crayons And Colors His Face Blue

Our dogs are naturally curious and excitable animals. It is this curiosity that can sometimes get them into trouble.

There was one time that we caught my dog trying to get into the garbage to get at some raw bacon that had gone bad – thankfully we stopped her in time. But not every pet owner can stop their dog in time before disaster hits.

For the family of one golden retriever, they were left stumped as to where a certain colorful situation was occurring.

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10-month-old Larry is a young pooch who definitely lives up to his name. He loves to go and retrieve anything he can get his paws on. One item that he was stealing from the home was actually causing his fur to turn a funny color.

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His owner, Lauren Duffy, was initially puzzled as to why Larry’s fur was suddenly turning blue and red. She couldn’t figure out what her dog was getting into to cause his fur to change.

Photo: YouTube/12 News

That is when she decided to investigate and get to the bottom of it. She then noticed that there was a trail of color running from the kitchen all the way out to the yard. Upon following it, she realized that they were wax crayons – and they had all melted into the grass.

That is when Lauren cracked the case. As it turned out, while her 2-year-old and 4-year-old kids were coloring at the kitchen table, young Larry had decided to start stealing crayons!

Photo: YouTube/12 News

Once he’d grabbed a couple, the mischievous pooch took off with his loot to the safety of the backyard, and that is where he left them. Of course, given that the family lives in Arizona, the desert sun made short work of the crayons and they melted down.

At some point, Larry rolled around in his stolen crayons and ended up getting the crayon colors all over himself! Even on his face!

While Lauren tried washing him three separate times, it seems that the blue color is going to be staying a little longer.

Photo: Max Pixel

As she shared with Arizona’s 12 News, “I can’t look at him without laughing right now.” But not everyone in the family finds it funny.

In fact, Lauren’s 4-year-old daughter is worried that Larry’s fur will permanently stay blue. In fact, the young child has been constantly asking her mother if he will remain that color forever.

Photo: YouTube/12 News

Hopefully, they’ll eventually wash it out and give the little girl some peace of mind. However, Lauren did take the opportunity to share Larry’s smurf look with social media, saying, “It’s good to get a laugh where you can.”

Watch the video below:

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