Cat Steals Cookie But Gets Robbed By Dog

The relationship that cats and dogs have is so funny, isn’t it? It’s like they are natural enemies, but the smartest cats and dogs have been known to find ways to work together. While that is not quite what happened here, it is a form of teamwork, nonetheless.

Those who keep treats in their homes can relate to this one. The owners in question here have made one of the most common mistakes that you are ever going to see.

Instead of putting the treats for their pets in a place where said pets could not find them, they have left them right on the counter. This makes theft rather easy for all parties involved.

Photo: Pexels/Engin Akyurt

Once this cat realized that they could get up on the counter and swipe treats, they were off and running. This video also illustrates another primary difference between cats and dogs. The cat was the first to get up on the counter and they should have been able to enjoy the spoils of their labor. Instead, the dog had other ideas and they were pretty hilarious.

After the cat got into the treats and managed to swipe one for themselves, that was supposed to be the end of the story. We are more than sure that’s what the cat would have preferred. However, there is no law that says the stolen treat belongs to the cat. In fact, we already know what most of our readers are going to say about this one.

Photo: YouTube/Waggle TV

Near as we can tell, this is a classic “finders, keepers, losers, weepers” situation. Cats might fancy themselves the smartest creature in the house but this dog played the situation perfectly.

Why would you ever be the one to do all of the work when you can watch someone else do it? This is a principle that applies in every facet of life.

Photo: YouTube/Waggle TV

As soon as the cat hopped down and tried to make off with their ill-gotten gains, the dog simply swiped them away. It’s a good lesson for all of the children out there about the futility of thievery.

Once the item is snatched back from you by a superior thief, you are going to be left with precious little recourse. Watch the hilarious clip below:

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