Naughty Dog Steals A Bag Of Bread From A Bakery

Dogs are quite clever and adaptable animals. And for one bakery owner, Maria de Fátima, one sneaky pooch had become quite adept at stealing bread. The theft was captured on the bakery’s surveillance camera and shows just how smart the pup was at pulling off the caper.

The dog was recorded on video scouting out the targeted bakery. First, he walks up to the storefront and peers inside, checking to see what the owner was up to. Seeing that Maria was busy helping a customer, the dog then takes his chance and quickly hurries inside to grab a loaf of bread off the bakery shelf before dashing away.

PHOTO: G1 Globo, “We put the bread on a table next to the door, to do a promotion. Then this dog comes and steals the bread on the table. The first time was last year, and we have lost count of how many times he has come here to steal the loaves.”


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But now, it seems that this pooch’s bad behavior is rubbing off on other dogs in the area. Maria has noticed other dogs in the neighborhood trying the same thing.


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