Dog Crowned ‘Player Of The Month’ After Running Onto Cricket Field And Stealing The Ball

A dog stole the show at a semi-final cricket match in Ireland and ended up being dubbed the honorary player of the month.

The dog, Dazzle, happened to be nearby with his owner at the women’s All-Ireland T20 Cup semi-final cricket match.

At one point in the game, the silly pup decided he’d had enough spectating and he was ready to join the game – so he did just that!

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Video of the game shows the little dog running onto the field, leash dragging on the ground behind him. It seems he’s a pretty decent cricket player since he managed to get to the ball and then ran circles around the players.

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The game, between Bready and CSNI, took a temporary pause as players rushed around to catch the pup, but it wasn’t until Dazzle’s owner showed up that the dog finally gave in.

Photo: Facebook/Animalkind Stories

The owner, a young boy, can be seen in the video running onto the field and grabbing Dazzle’s leash before taking the ball from him and handing it off to a player.

Watch the footage below:

After the incident took place, the International Cricket Council took to Twitter to officially dub Dazzle a player of the month.

They wrote, “We have an additional Player of the Month winner this time.”

His award crowns him the “Best Fielder In Ireland Cricket.”

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