Dog Sprains His Tail From ‘Excessively Wagging’ It Too Much During Quarantine

Most of us dread the fact that we are going to be stuck at home for weeks due to the quarantine or perhaps even longer. Social distancing has changed our way of life and we look forward to getting back to life as normal.

As humans, we may feel that way, but dogs have something else in mind. Perhaps we can gain some comfort by living vicariously through them. It seems that man’s best friend could not be happier that we are home with them every day.

Photo: Pixabay

Some dogs are so happy that they may even have problems. That can be seen with this wiener dog that sprained his tail after wagging it too much.

Emma Smith went on Twitter to talk about her dog’s injury saying that the tail “stopped working” and the vet saying it happened due to “excessive wagging.”

You may be thinking that it was an exaggeration but in reality, it happens often. You can do a Google search for “Happy Dog Syndrome” to learn more.

After this post hit Twitter, it received a lot of love. More than 500k people liked it and it was being reposted like crazy.

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Since the post went mega-viral, Emma decided to give us some of the details. Her dog’s name is Rolo and he has been given pain pills until his tail returns to action again.

Here’s hoping that Rolo’s tail will be back in action soon.

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