Woman Comes Home To A Mud-Soaked Kitchen After Dog Sneaks In Through The Cat Door

The biggest difference between cats and dogs is you can tell when a dog has done something wrong. They always have that “I’m so sorry, please don’t be mad” expression on their faces. And usually, that look is enough to melt our hearts and help us forgive them for whatever disobedient thing they did.

And that was the precise look that greeted Kerry Templeton from Gosport, Hampshire, who had returned home to discover that her pup, Maddie, had left her a surprise in the kitchen. Kerry walked into the room to discover that Maddie had painted a very muddy Jackson Pollack all across her kitchen. That is not what any dog owner wants to come home to.

As soon as she saw that her walls, floor, and countertops had been destroyed by mud, the dog owner saw no other choice but to upload the pictures to her social media, letting others know what her pooch had gotten up too.

According to DailyMail, her post said she had gone out but had left the cat flap to the home open. During her evening away, there had been a “torrential rain” which had turned her backyard into a muddy mess.

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As a result, Maddie ended up getting dirty and then bringing all the mud into the home.

She added in her post, “Thank god I closed the kitchen door,” which is definitely a plus considering that it contained the mess to just one room of the house – and a relatively easy to clean one as well.

But with the amount of mud that the pooch had tracked in, the cleanup job wasn’t an easy one. Kerry shared with DailyMail that she’d normally only leave the cat flap open when there was someone at home. However, this particular time she had forgotten – but she considered it a lesson learned.

After sharing the photo, Kerry’s post soon received a lot of attention from the internet. Many people were reaching out with sympathy for the cleaning nightmare that the dog owner had to face. Others joked that Maddie’s face was certainly different than how a cat would look in that situation.

Besides cleaning up the kitchen, Kerry did manage to give Maddie a good scrubbing as well. Don’t think she will be leaving the doggie door open during a rainstorm again!

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