Dog Excitedly Shows His Owner The Mess He Made While She Was Gone

Most dogs just want to please their owners. When they’re caught doing something they shouldn’t, they get big puppy dog eyes or try and hide or roll onto their backs. But not all dogs have shame or guilt when they potty on the floor or make a big mess.

One golden retriever named Philip was left to his own devices while his mom was out of the house and he got into some pretty serious mischief.

However, he didn’t have guilt about the mess that he made. In fact, he was rather excited to show it off to his owner!

Photo: YouTube/BVIRAL

In the video below, you can see Philip’s mom returning to the house and she notices a mess through the window. Then, she sees Philip happily walking to the door to greet her.

She opens the door and is shocked at the mess! She’s clearly not happy about it, but Philip doesn’t seem to notice. In fact, he seems thrilled.

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Photo: YouTube/BVIRAL

As the owner walks further into the house, she sees the mess is even bigger than she first thought. Ripped-up bits of toilet paper and paper towels are all over, and the packaging is conveniently near his dog bed.

Photo: YouTube/BVIRAL

She starts calling Philip a “bad dog,” but he doesn’t seem to understand or care. He’s just happy to have his mom home.

Watch the video below:

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