A Sick Three-Legged Dog Had Been Sleeping In A Box Outside For Months, Waiting To Be Rescued

Hope For Paws received a message from someone asking for help regarding a stray dog. The dog has only three legs and had been living in front of a house for the past five months. When they asked the homeowner if the dog belonged to him, he said no. But he has been feeding her ever since she showed up a few weeks prior.

Volunteers from Hope For Paws arrived at the scene to help the sick pup. The dog was sitting in a box, the closest thing to a bed or shelter that she had. They approached the dog, who allowed them to put a leash over her head with ease. She was scared, but friendly.

They named her Princess, and promised to treat her like royalty in the days to come. They gave her a warm bubble bath and fed her. It turns out that Princess had severe anemia, and she had to remain hospitalized for several weeks while receiving treatment.

Now that Princess is healthy again, she is awaiting her forever home! If you’re interested in adopting sweet little Princess, visit www.SmoochPoochRescue.com.

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