Former Marine Jumps Into Deep Sewer To Rescue Trapped Abandoned Dog

A dog found himself stuck in a storm sewer in Houston, Texas, after spending several weeks on the streets. Neighbors said the dog was living in a house that the tenant had abandoned a month prior.

When they heard cries coming from the sewer, they realized it was that same dog, and immediately sought help.

Adam O’Brien, a former marine, jumped in to help as soon as he heard about the poor pup. He went right into the sewer without hesitation. He tried to lure the dog out with food, but he was too scared to come out. Eventually, the dog peaked his head out and then crawled through the drain.

A rescuer from the Houston SPCA climbed down into the drain to assist O’Brian. Together, they were able to pull the dog out, pick him up and climb the ladder up to safety.

It’s unknown how the dog got into the sewer, but what matters most is that he is now safe. SPCA will have custody of the dog until he finds his forever home.

Watch the rescue in the video below:

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