Dog Left Heartbroken When His Sea Lion Friend Washes Up Dead On The Beach

Sometimes animals form an unexplainable friendship that’s simply beautiful to witness.

That was the case for a sweet chocolate lab named Slim Shady and a wild sea lion.

The two met at the beach in Malibu and became fast friends. Despite their differences, they instantly hit things off and looked forward to seeing each other every day.

Photo: TikTok/@linzybinzy120

Speaking with Newsweek, Greenberg shared, “The sea lion visited pretty much every day since their first meet and greet!! It would come alone and pop its head up from the sea looking for my dog.”

She added, “If we were outside they’d make eyes at each other for a while, sometimes the sea lion would do flips and tricks for us!”

Photo: TikTok/@linzybinzy120

Slim and his owner, Lindsay Greenberg, would frequently visit the friendly sea lion and have playdates. It was so sweet, but sadly, all good things must come to an end.

In a video posted to TikTok, Greenberg revealed the heartbreaking moment Slim ran to the beach to play with his sea lion friend, only to find the animal washed up on the shore – dead.

Photo: TikTok/@linzybinzy120

She captioned the video, “Ruff day for us,” which seems to be an understatement.

In the clip, the poor pup can be seen running up to his friend and crying out in distress when he discovers the sea lion had been killed by a whale.

Photo: TikTok/@linzybinzy120

Greenberg shared with Newsweek that Slim started barking frantically when he saw his friend had passed away. She even described his bark as “crying.”

You can watch the moment in the video below:

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