Dog Saves 12-Year-Old Girl Being Chased By Truck Driver

Dogs really are amazing creatures. They’re loving, loyal, intuitive, protective — and they can also distinguish between good and bad people.

This canine sixth sense came in handy in Fairfield Township, Ohio, where the male driver of a red pickup truck was chasing a 12-year-old girl. Fortunately, this terrifying scene took place near the girl’s family home, allowing her loyal family dog to intervene.

Photo: Columbiana County Sheriff’s Office

According to the Columbiana County Sheriff’s office, a man driving a vintage pickup truck was chasing the young girl, per WKBN. But when the man jumped out of his truck to continue pursuing the tween on foot, her loyal dog jumped into action.

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The dog “got him pretty good,” according to a police report, which also recalls how the dog knocked the would-be assailant/kidnapper to the ground. The man ultimately jumped back into his truck and drove away – but the dog’s interruption gave the young girl enough time to flee.

If you have any information on this incident or vehicle please contact Columbiana County Sheriff’s Office. 330-424-7255

Posted by Columbiana County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Now police are looking for the owner of the red truck, which has been described as 1970’s model Ford Pickup in two-toned rust or maroon color. Please contact the Columbiana County Sheriff’s Office at 330-424-9519 if you have any information about this incident or driver. In the meantime, somebody please give this very good boy or girl some extra dog treats!

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