Dog Saves His Family From A Mad Man With A Knife

When we have a dog in our life, we would do anything that we possibly could to make sure that they were happy, comfortable, and satisfied.

We realize that it is just giving them back a little bit of what they would give to us, something that we could try a lifetime to do but never accomplish. This fact was seen in southern Brazil recently when a dog jumped into action and ended up saving his family as a result.

It took place in Coracao de Jesus when a 62-year-old man was threatening his entire family, including his grandchildren that were 16 and 17 years old.


There was an argument occurring at the house and he pulled a knife and threatened to kill them. It was no doubt a stressful situation, but the family dog decided he had seen enough.

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That dog, named Fofinho, threw himself between the man holding the knife and his family and saved them. We are sad to say that he did get stabbed as he was trying to save them.

Photo: CANVA

When the dog did this heroic act, the man was cruel enough to stab him in the stomach and chest, even though the dog was not acting aggressively toward him.

According to The Metro, the dog was rushed to the veterinarian by the 58-year-old owner. It took a while to get there because they had to travel 45 miles.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

We are happy to report that after the veterinarian saw the dog, he cleaned up his wounds and gave him some stitches. They were concerned about a bowel leakage from the stab wound that could have caused a nasty infection.

Fofinho is on his way to recovery, and at this time, is getting a lot of TLC at a local veterinary hospital. Some anti-inflammatory medication, antibiotics, and painkillers are being given.

Photo: flickr/NHN_2009

It seems as if they got him there just in time because, according to The Metro, reports from local news sources say that he could have died if they had to travel any further.

As far as the man who stabbed the dog is concerned, he was on the run for 18 hours, but eventually, the police caught up with him. The police officers are also calling the dog a hero, but that’s something that we knew all along.

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