Hero Dog Saves Family Of 5 During A House Fire

Sometimes pets feel like guardian angels, and I’m sure that’s how a family in Malaysia felt after their puppy saved them from a terrible house fire.

Politician Terence Naidu shared about the incident on Facebook, explaining that a family of five had been asleep in their residence when a fire started.

No one woke up to the fire, except for the family puppy, Anandaveli.

According to Naidu, the puppy ran to 53-year-old Vimala and began pulling her hair. Vimala ignored the dog’s antics, but she didn’t give up. She continued pestering the woman by nibbling her face and ear, tugging her pajamas, and doing everything she could to get the woman’s attention.

Believing the dog just wanted some water, Vimala told her to “get water at the kitchen herself,” but the dog continued to bother her.

Finally, she woke up and that’s when she realized the urgency of the situation. A fire was quickly spreading through the house, and she had three children and a disabled husband asleep inside!

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Thankfully, Vimala was able to run to her family and wake them up. Two of her kids ran outside to safety, and her youngest son, who was 18 at the time, stayed back to help his 58-year-old father get out of the house. The father had suffered a stroke that left him partially paralyzed, so he struggled to walk on his own.

Thankfully, Anandaveli gave the family enough warning that they could all escape the flames unscathed. Balai Bomba Teluk Intan shared photos of the flames on Facebook and you can see just how serious the fire was.

As for the dog, herself, she suffered a few small burns, but they were treated immediately and she ended up being fine.

Vimala recalled: “I nursed her back to health. I even bottle-fed her.”

Terence Naidu ended up arriving at the scene of the fire to help the family with provisions and financial support, and also provide the hero dog a few treats.

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