Dog Dives Into The Water And Saves A Drowning Cat Reaching Out For Help

The differences between cats and dogs are well-established. For many years, we have always heard the argument about cats versus dogs, but if you happen to have both in your household, you realize they are not always mortal enemies. In fact, dogs and cats can get along with each other quite well.

This will soon become obvious when you see the following video. It is a video of a cat that is struggling to stay alive in the water. A random dog jumps in to save the cat’s life.

Photo: China Plus News/Facebook

There are not many details associated with the video but it really speaks for itself. It even appears as if the cat reaches out to get some assistance when the dog walks by. As it turns out, all’s well that ends well because the dog jumped right in without hesitating and allowed the cat to climb up on his back and out of the water. You can see it for yourself in this video:

A dog saves a cat in the water

Come up! Can't? OK, I jump!

Posted by China Plus News on Monday, December 31, 2018

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