Pup Jumps Into Pool To Save Drowning Senior Blind And Deaf Dog

Luna and Caipirinha are more than just two dogs who share the same home, they are the best of friends. They live in the home with their human, Julieta Firpo, and are always there for each other through the good times and the bad times. This will become evident when you see what was captured on a security camera behind the home.

At 14 years old, Luna is a senior and is struggling with her eyesight. She also tends to stay close to the home and doesn’t take many chances.

Perhaps that is why the family was so curious when Luna came into the home soaking wet from their swimming pool.

When they looked at the footage from the backyard security camera, they saw exactly what happened.

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It turns out that Luna had fallen into the swimming pool and was struggling. Caipirinha saw that her friend was having difficulty and didn’t hesitate to lend a paw.

Photo: Facebook /Julieta Firpo

Luna was panicking in the deep end of the pool, but Caipirinha helped her to get to the shallow end and was able to grab her collar and pulled her from the water.

In order to keep Luna safe, Julieta decided that she would block the pool off to keep Luna from falling in again. Dogs are wonderful, and this is just more proof of that fact.

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