Dog Saves Boy Who Was Being Swept Out To Sea And Prevents Him From Drowning

Over the years, dogs have earned themselves the nickname “man’s best friend,” and there is good reason for it.

If you were to google stories about dogs being heroes you’d be sure to find plenty of examples. Our dogs have proved themselves time and time again to be extremely loyal companions who wouldn’t hesitate to save our lives should the occasion arise.

Dogs have even shown their compassion extends to people beyond their family.

Photo: YouTube/7NEWS Australia

Luckily for one young child, his life was saved by a dog who noticed that he was in trouble. The young boy was swimming in the ocean near Port Noarlunga when he got caught in a current that was dragging him further out to sea.


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He fought against the tide, but the ocean proved to be a tough opponent. As he grew more exhausted, he quickly realized that he needed help.

Photo: YouTube/7NEWS Australia

Fortunately, help was nearby in the form of Max, a Staffordshire/Bulldog mix. The brave pooch was already wearing a life jacket when he took notice of the child in danger.

That is when the clever pup paddled out towards the kid and allowed him to grab ahold of his vest.

Photo: YouTube/7NEWS Australia

Max then helped to pull the boy to the safety of the shore. What an extremely good boy Max is!

Watch the video below:

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