Golden Retriever Rescues Six Lost Baby Bunnies And Returns Them To Their Mother

Dogs are simply the best. The only way I can accurately describe them is that they are the living embodiment of kindness and compassion.

In fact, dogs are more than happy to help rescue other animals in need. I remember when I was growing up, every springtime we would have a family of Western Scrub-Jays make their nest in our backyard’s avocado tree. And every spring, there would be at least one baby that would fall out and end up on the ground.

But guess who would always be around to make sure that the baby was safe and sound until its parents could return it to its nest? You guessed it – our dog.

Photo: Pixabay

While my dog’s actions were sweet and adorable to watch, they weren’t an isolated incident.

It seems that many canines seem to have this predisposition to nurture helpless animals around them.

Photo: Pixabay

A six-year-old Golden Retriever named Otis is no exception. The loving pooch was out for a walk with his owner, Jenna Laigle, when he happened upon an unexpected encounter. He discovered a group of baby bunnies!

All six of them had been separated from their mother and their nest. The paternal pup gently gathered them and lovingly cared for them.

Photo: YouTube/SWNS

Unfortunately, Otis wasn’t able to keep them. His owner had managed to locate the warren and gently returned them to the safety of their mother. But weren’t they lucky that Otis found them when he did!

Photo: YouTube/SWNS

Watch the adorable video below:

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