You Can’t Argue With This! Especially If You Love Dogs!

Look no further, your perfect, or pawfect, roommate awaits you. Just look down. A little more. See, the furry, four-legged creature you absolutely adore? YUP! That’s the one. She’s the best roommate you could ever hope for. Don’t believe me? This video will prove I’m 100% correct.

Best roommate qualifications:

1. Your dog doesn’t hog the bathroom for hours at a time. Score!

2. She doesn’t binge eat your chips when you’re not at home (well, at least she shouldn’t be doing that!)

3. Your dog doesn’t leave the toilet set up.

4. She won’t be borrowing (and not returning) your favorite pair of jeans.

5. She is the perfect cuddle buddy

6. She knows the perfect time to comfort you, no matter what!

7. She doesn’t clog up the DVR with all her shows (Ok, that would be weird!)

8. Your dog happily keeps you company even when you’re in a rotten mood.

These are just a few of the reasons why dogs are the best companions. How many of you would rather have a dog as a roommate than a human? The best part about a dog: They don’t have to have the last word. You can. WIN!

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