Lost Dog Found 1600 Miles From Home Is Reunited With Family 10 Years After Being Lost

One of the most difficult things a dog owner may face is losing their beloved pooch. In many cases, they will wander off and return home within a few hours, but when they don’t return, it can be a very stressful situation.

As the days turn into weeks and eventually, months, we may even begin to lose hope.

I’m sure that’s how one family in Arkansas felt when they lost a dog 10 years ago. That dog, Razzle, disappeared and they thought they would never see him again.


The black miniature schnauzer was found, however, an unbelievable 1600 miles from home.

Razzle was being picked up by pilot Jeremy Wade and taken from the West Coast to his family, who live in the Ozarks. Razzle is now 16 years old, but he will be spending his final years with his family.

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Wade shared a post on Facebook, saying: “It’s a nice day for a 1,600-mile roadless road trip. It’s also a big day for this little dog called Razzle.”

Photo: flickr/Nenad Stojkovic

He went on to talk about how Razzle was only six years old when he was lost and ended up in California, more than 1500 miles from home.

He hitched a ride with Wade back to his family and although he is a very old dog, he will be enjoying his final days with the family that loved him most.

Wade also managed to share a picture of Razzle in a selfie. The dog was in a cage to keep him safe on the plane during the journey back to the Ozarks.

Videos were also uploaded, showing Razzle being put on the plane and being removed at another airport.

I don’t know about you, but I love the happy ending!

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