Dog Rescued From Being Chained To A Tree And Left Alone

Having a dog is a privilege. Unfortunately, not all dog owners see it that way.

There are some dog owners out there who are neglectful of their pets and it is very sad to see. All dogs deserve a loving home with people who care.

One poor dog was living a really awful life chained up outside, exposed to the elements. He was neglected and abused, wearing a heavy chain that was choking him.

Photo: YouTube/Sidewalk Specials

When the rescue group, Sidewalk Specials, found him, he was chained to a pole – a horrible situation that he had been subjected to for months, according to the dog’s neighbors.

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The poor dog’s neck was so stiff and painful from the tight collar, that it took his rescuers an entire half-hour to get the restraint off of him.

Photo: YouTube/Sidewalk Specials

Sidewalk Specials was shocked by the treatment of the poor dog, unable to comprehend how his owners could treat him so terribly and leave him to fend for himself outside – especially since their year had two kennels in it. It’s so incredibly sad!

Sidewalk Specials were thankfully able to get him some help, and they ended up bringing him to Cape Town, where he was able to receive medical attention.

Photo: Facebook/Sidewalk Specials

The rescue later named Chip, and soon, Chip’s journey to finding a new home began. According to a post the rescue shared on Facebook, the 8-month-old pup is still looking for a home and is great with kids and other pets.

Watch the video below:

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