Emotional Support Dog Rescued From Busy New York Train Tracks

An MTA employee is being hailed a hero after rescuing an emotional support dog from the subway tracks in New York City.

Lucy escaped her owner’s eighth-floor apartment in Lower Manhattan and managed to ride the elevator to the first floor and walk through the lobby undetected.

Once outside, she crossed the West Side Highway, which is an incredible feat in itself, but she didn’t stop there. Lucy continued on until she made it to the subway station where she spent the rest of the way wandering the tracks.


While she probably didn’t know it, Lucy was in immediate danger on the tracks and risked being run over by a train at any moment.

Workers eventually spotted the pup and slowed a few trains in hopes of locating the dog, but she made it a whole 14 blocks further from home before Jose Bonilla stepped in and saved the day.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Bonilla rescued Lucy around 10 hours after she escaped her apartment, at which point her owner, Molly, was quite panicked.

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He said in a press conference, “I put myself in the path of Miss Lucy, who was at that time walking in a straight line. She basically came up to me, I called out her name, she laid down in front of me, I petted her, I picked her up, there was a bite involved at that moment, and I was able to put her on the 2 train right into Molly’s hands. Basically another day in transit.”

Naturally, Molly was incredibly happy to have her Lucy back safe and sound.

Photo: YouTube/mtainfo
Photo: YouTube/mtainfo

She said, “It was just terrifying and there were a lot of people in Battery Park City who had been looking for her before we found out she was on the train who were really worried and just being able to have her in my arms was such a huge relief.”

Molly rescued Lucy from Puerto Rico seven years ago and the little dog has served as her only companion throughout the years. Thanks to Bonilla’s quick actions, the two will hopefully have many more years together.

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