Dog Rescued From Mine Hole in South Africa

In mid-November, a Labrador fell into a mine hole in Kimberley, South Africa. According to Digital Journal, the site where the animal fell is a famous tourist attraction, which led visitors to find the dog swimming in the water. The hole sits at almost 200 meters below ground level and the water is as deep as a 50-story building.

A rescue mission was quickly underway after the dog was spotted. In total, there were three attempts to reach the animal from different places in the mine hole. A variety of people were involved in the effort, including the local police unit, the Sol Plaatje Emergency Services and the SPCA.

The news caught the attention of recording artist Kurt Darren. He tweeted about the story and wanted to fund a helicopter to try and rescue the dog. But that method was deemed too unstable because turbulent winds could risk the safety of the rescuers.

However, good news soon came when word spread about the canine being free. Additionally, it is believed that the dog found a ledge to rest on, so he in fact wasn't swimming for the entire time he was stranded in the hole.

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