Dog Gets Rescued After Being Locked In A Dark Room For Over A Year

They say that love conquers all. And while that is largely debatable, it is quite true when it comes to rescue animals. Anyone who has ever adopted a rescue dog or cat knows just how powerful a little love and kindness can be in rehabilitating an animal. And for one rescue pup, Thunder, it made a huge difference in his disposition.


Thunder was a victim of animal cruelty. His owner had left the poor animal locked up inside a room for a year and a half. He hadn’t seen the sun in all that time. Additionally, during his period of imprisonment, Thunder had been completely neglected and left to his own devices. As a result, the poor dog grew to be very scared and acted out aggressively towards humans.


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When dog rescuers were called out to the scene to rescue him, Thunder bared his teeth through the wooden planks that covered the window. Undeterred, they continued with their quest to liberate him. When the rescuers got inside, they found poor Thunder chained up. At the time they were unable to calm him, so they had no choice but to transfer him using the safety of a net.


But amazingly, a few days following his rescue, Thunder had made a marked improvement. He had become a calmer, happier pooch! And it was all thanks to the love and kindness of those who rescued him, proving that love really can conquer all when it comes to animals.

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