Daring Rescuers Saved Dog Stuck On A 98-Foot Cliff Overlooking A Waterfall

They say cats have nine lives, but it seems some dogs do as well! One lucky pup named Chevy found herself in a perilous situation but was successfully rescued thanks to the daring efforts of the Canadian police.

According to a press release, the Logan Lake Royal Canadian Mountain Police and the Logan Lake Volunteer Fire Department performed a “rare and risky canine rescue” when a dog became trapped on a cliff over Mimi Falls.

7-year-old Chevy was out for a walk with her elderly owner, Margot, when the 80lb dog slipped and fell to an isolated ledge overlooking the waterfall.

Photo: Pixabay

Cpl. Jesse O’Donaghey, a BC RCMP spokesperson, said in the statement, “The pup’s owners, and bystanders were unable to safely reach Chevy, the nearly 80-pound, 7-year-old, American Bulldog Terrier cross. Chevy, who was a rescue herself, had become stuck in a precarious position overlooking the 30-meter deep rocky canyon.”

After a bystander unsuccessfully attempted to rescue the dog, they made the decision to hike into cellular range and call for help.

Photo: Royal Canadian Mounted Police/Margot Wikjord

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Once officials arrived, they used “climbing and rappeling gear” to perform the dangerous rescue. Thankfully, it was a success!

After two long hours of rescue, Chevy was back to safety and reunited with her owner.

Photo: Royal Canadian Mounted Police/Margot Wikjord

Her owner, Margot Wikjord, told CTVNews Vancouver, “I prayed a lot. She alternated between barking at me and then she was crying and then she got tired of that and then she laid down.” She noted that after the rescue, her pup was “happy and jumping around and crying.”

The diligence and quick actions of the rescuers paid off and Chevy is safe. The world could use more kind-hearted people who are willing to help an animal in need.

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