Dog Rescued From A Meat Farm Takes His First Steps To Freedom

The Human Society has been hard at work rescuing dogs from slaughter in Yongin, South Korea. In fact, they finally managed to rescue 50 dogs from certain death on a dog meat farm and slaughterhouse. While it was a big win for the dogs, there is no denying that many of them are traumatized by their experiences. And the last of these 50 dogs to be rescued was Robin.


It was heartbreaking to see just how scared and nervous he was during his rescue. The poor dog had no idea that things were going to change for the better when he was freed from his metal cage.


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In fact, he seemed terrified at this new prospect of freedom. But with a little love and encouragement, rescuers managed to get him to leave his kennel and take the first steps towards a much brighter future.

As the Humane Society of the United States said in a statement, “We joined forces with animal protection groups in South Korea on this rescue, to save all 50 dogs from being euthanized after this facility was closed down by authorities. The dogs were found locked up in barren metal cages without water or proper food. Humane Society International/Korea, LIFE, Korean K9 Rescue and Yongin Animal Care Association stepped in and worked together with the local authorities to save all of the dogs. Thanks to our partner groups for their support!”


Watch Robin’s video below:

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