Stray Dog Stops Traffic Running Along Busy California Highway

Sometimes we may see a dog running along the road. Our heart goes out to them, but we also realize that it can be quite dangerous to stop our car and get out in the middle of traffic.

When we see this type of situation, we have to make a decision. Are we going to stop and help or not? It didn’t take a moment for Amber Streid to decide.

Photo: YouTube/ABC 7 Chicago

According to ABC 7 Chicago, she was driving along a busy highway in California when she saw a dog running along the shoulder. Immediately, she did what she could to save the puppy.

The story has an interesting twist because the dog seems to be looking for a little bit of help. When she pulled over and opened the door, he hopped in.

Photo: YouTube/ABC 7 Chicago

As a nurse, Amber sees a lot of people that need help, but it seems as if she also knew that the dog needed help as well. She saw that he had some injuries to his paw and was bleeding.

According to Action News 5, Amber wasn’t the only person to stop that day. A couple in a truck also started clapping, and a man in a white van was clapping as well. In the end, she was just happy to get the dog, and everybody else agreed.

Photo: YouTube/ABC 7 Chicago

She did what she could and took the dog to a veterinarian to treat his injuries. They also scanned for a microchip, but he didn’t have one. More than likely, he had been dumped on the road by his previous owners.

Streid is still optimistic, hoping the former owners will come forward to claim the dog. Until then, she is happy to care for him. You can learn more in the video below:

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