Rescuers Save Dog Stranded On Ferry Ledge

A dog was rescued from a BC ferry after becoming trapped on the outside “bumper” of the boat.

Passengers were enjoying the ride between Vancouver and Vancouver Island when someone spotted something on the ledge of the boat by the water.

According to CTV News, a passenger named Tyler Reeves explained that a friend pointed the dog out to him and, “Pretty much seconds later the whole boat was leaning over the edge to see what the problem was.”

Photo: YouTube/Victoria Times Colonist

Once officials were alerted of the dog, the ferry had to stop for 20 to 30 minutes while someone walked out on the “bumper” and coaxed the dog back to the deck.

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Thankfully, the dog made it safely back to the deck, though his owner was nowhere to be found.

Photo: YouTube/Victoria Times Colonist

Reeves told CTV News that the owner was later found.

Dogs are allowed on BC ferries, but owners are supposed to watch them at all times. It’s unclear how this dog ended up in the situation he did, but we’re glad he came out all right.

Photo: Pixabay/StockSnap

The ferry was delayed in getting to its destination, but most of the passengers were just relieved that they were able to save the dog.

Watch the video below:

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