Puppy Collapsed In A Cemetery Just Before She Was Rescued

The team at Diasozo Animal Rescue never gives up on the stray dogs that call Karditsa, Greece home.

When they received a call about an abandoned puppy at a nearby cemetery, they knew they had to try and help.

When they arrived, they searched the grounds, listening closely for any sounds of distress. Finally, they discovered a distressed dog, so pained and sick that she could barely move.

Dog rescue
Photo: flickr/Steve Wilde

This pup, which the team described as “very scared and in a really poor condition,” fell to the ground and remained, as flies circled her body.

Immediately, they got her wrapped in a blanket and took her to their car. There, she was able to swallow a few pieces of food and some water. As they drove to the vet, she began to regain her footing!

DAR Animal Rescue

There was still a long way to go — at the vet, she was discovered to be badly infected with fleas and dehydrated.

She spent the next several days at the hospital, making a dramatic recovery. In time, the pup, who the team named Ann, was ready to recover at the Diasozo shelter.


She was much healthier and ready to enjoy her second chance at life!

See more of Ann’s rescue in the video below, and learn more about the important work that the Diasozo team is doing at their Facebook page here!

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