Dog Rescue Purchases 46-Acres To Build A Rehab Dog Sanctuary

A dog rescue purchased a 46-acre farm to build a rehab and sanctuary for the rescue dogs. Locals are upset about the dog sanctuary, believing the sanctuary will cause noise pollution from the barking.

After months of fundraising, Dogs 4 Rescue finally purchased a 46-acre farm as the site of their new sanctuary and rehab center.

The UK-based rescue uses a unique “kennel free environment,” according to their website. Because they don’t use kennels and allow the dogs to have space to roam, they need an ample amount of space for each dog they rescue.

Photo: Facebook/Dogs 4 Rescue

Their approach allows the dogs to live in a more relaxed, home-like environment and be socialized while they wait for their forever homes.

However, the rescue has noted that the number of dogs needing to be rescued has increased at an unexpected rate. The rescue desperately needed more space to save more dogs and securing a second site was the way to do that.

Photo: Unsplash

The rescue took to Facebook to shared the exciting news of the new sanctuary site, saying, “…Many days it felt like this time would never come. There were more hurdles and hoops to jump through than we ever could have anticipated, but nothing worth doing ever comes easy. …we have managed to find a new site a hundred times more incredible than anything we have gone for before. …we continue to pioneer the change in dog rescue – breaking the mould and rewriting the future for all the dogs who will be coming through our gates.”

They shared the news, along with a video of a ribbon-cutting for the exciting achievement!

Photo: Facebook/Dogs 4 Rescue

The new farm will house dogs while they go through rehabilitation and wait for adoption.

According to the Lancashire Telegraph, the founder and owner of the non-profit rescue, Emma Billington, said:

“We are inundated now from everywhere, across the UK, across the world, with dogs desperately needing help… [and] it has kind of ended up that we have become a place for dogs that need rehabilitation.

With the near 40 of them here, hardly of them are up for homing as it can take years to rehabilitate them so we needed another site where we could help the dogs most in need, then we can have [the Manchester site] to use for dogs to find their forever home once they have been rehabilitated.”

Photo: Unsplash

Local residents did voice concerns over the location of the site. Some people are worried that the barking will disturb the neighboring residents, but Billington doesn’t believe that will be an issue. According to the Lancashire Telegraph, she said, “I can totally understand where people are coming from and all I can say is if they want any more information or they have any concerns, I am very open. We don’t want to upset anybody or make anybody’s life difficult, and we are really open to the local community.”

She further noted that they did do noise surveys and the results were “nothing more than what you would expect from a neighbour who had a dog.”

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