Dog Watches Over His Favorite Toys As They Hang Out To Dry On The Line

We sometimes hear about a dog that is protective of his toys. Sheepdogs tend to fall into that category, and Mika is one sheepdog that loves guarding what is his own. He doesn’t tear up his toys as many other dogs do and he isn’t very far away from them at any given time. That being said, they do get dirty so his mother decided something needed to be done about it.

When Vanessa Dembowiak noticed that her dog would not leave his beloved toys, she began to formulate a plan of how to care for the need to wash them. She waited until Mika was out for a walk and gather the toys together but when the dog got back, he went out back, looked up at the close line, and noticed his toys were drying.

Photo: Reddit / Azura_BlackHeart

He wasn’t simply going to leave the toys and ignore them as they were hanging there. He just sat by their side with an expression that let his mother know how much he loved is toys.

The caption on Reddit wrote: “My mum washed all the dogs toys. And now he won’t come in the house without them.”

My mum washed all the dogs toys. And now he wont come in the house without them. from aww

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It’s nice that this story has a happy ending. Mika was able to reunite with his toys and now it’s just a matter of time until they need to be washed again.

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