Want to Teach Your Dog to Read? Find Out How!

Most people hold the misconception that dogs can never learn to read. However, the truth is that they can — but it’s up to you to teach them how.

As the human, you are responsible for putting the time and energy into giving your dog the gift of literacy, which is the greatest gift of all. Canine illiteracy is the major cause of most dogs’ behavioral problems, and the 99.9% of dogs who aren’t able to read merely perpetuate the canine illiteracy myth.

We at The Animal Rescue Site think it’s time to bust that myth, but we need your help!

Check out our list of best practices for getting your dog started on the pathway to literacy:

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1. Read Aloud to Your Pup

Regularly reading out loud is a great way to get your dog interested in books at an early age. They’ll enjoy the closeness of snuggling up to hear a good story, and the experience will help them learn correct pronunciation and understand the rhythm of language.

2. Invest in Scratch ‘n’ Sniff

Dogs don’t have the best sight, but they have an incredible sense of smell. One great way to get your dog’s nose in a book is to get her a “scratch ‘n’ sniff” book. While your dog may come for the smells, she’ll learn to love to read in the meantime!

Some great books to start with are Edith Kunhardt’s Pat the Puppy, What’s in Your Lunchbox? by Quinlan B. Lee, and Tails by Matthew Van Fleet.

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