Shepherd Mix Has Been Helping Mom Foster Kittens For Years

Dogs are such loving and caring animals. They will willingly make friends with anyone – including a litter of tiny kittens. One sweet dog undertook the responsibility of being a foster dad to a bunch of precious kittens, and the ensuing pictures of the little foster family have been more than heartwarming.

Pet owner Laura Tindal from Toronto, Canada, is a huge animal lover. As a result, for the past six years, she’s been continuously fostering cats and kittens – easily fostering more than 60 cats and kittens! And through it all, she’s had a very loyal companion helping her out: her 9-year-old Shepherd mix, Raylan.

Raylan has been a very supportive foster parent to all the felines passing through their home. He very happily takes the kittens under his wing, offering them plenty of cuddles and love, as well as patiently sitting through their playtime sessions together. He’s even been known to gently carry the tiniest and most vulnerable kittens around in his mouth as though they were his own puppies! Overall, he’s just a big softie.

“I have no idea why Raylan loves kittens. I brought home the first foster kitten when he was three years old and I was ready to keep them isolated from each other to be safe,” Laura has said.

She added, “However, Raylan immediately wanted to lick the cat and sleep with him and he was so gentle. It just seems to be in his nature. I’m so happy seeing Raylan with his kittens because he’s so content and also entertained!”

It’s so cute that this big sweetie gets a kick out of his foster dad duties. It’s truly wonderful to see when animals care about others. It is a gentle reminder for the rest of us to always be nice to one another, and help each other when we need it most. Be like Raylan.

Watch the video below of him in action:

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