Sleepy Rescue Dog Puts Herself To Bed Every Night

They say that kids thrive on routine and the same is true for dogs. A lot of dogs appreciate having regular schedules and routines so they know what to expect, like when they’re going to eat meals, take walks, go potty, and go to bed.

But sometimes our schedules can be thrown off and our pups might not understand why. They may even try to take matters into their own hands and create a routine for themselves.

That’s what one rescue dog named Tinker Bell did. According to ViralHog, Tinker Bell’s owners shared that she has a 7:30 PM bedtime. Every night at that time, without fail, she tucks herself into bed.

Photo: YouTube/Viral Hog

They said, “Tinker Bell is a rescue dog I adopted from our local SPCA, she’s a feisty Minature Pinscher, and she’s actually a senior dog, almost 10 years old but she has the attitude and energy of a puppy. Except when it comes to bedtime, which is exactly 7:30 PM and she tucks herself in like this every time.”

Watch her bedtime routine in the video below:

Personally, I’d seen other dogs on the internet do this and thought it had to be fake. I figured it was some kind of trained trick and the dog would get a treat after performing for video. I grew up around dogs and had never seen one do this. However, I quickly realized how wrong I was when I adopted two rescue dogs from different owners and they BOTH tucked themselves into bed.

One of my dogs, Ashley, will do exactly like Tinker Bell does in the video and kick around the blankets before snuggling in on her back. She sleeps exactly like a little human. My other dog, Jax, also tucks himself in every night, but he usually likes me to join him shortly after. He’ll go to bed and longingly look at me until I go to bed, too.

Photo: Malorie Thompson

Adorable as it is, dogs naturally put themselves to sleep. While some may not cuddle into blankets like Tinker Bell, the blankets may help the dog feel protected. According to Wag Walking, “your dog’s adorable preference of sleeping under the covers or burrowing into blankets is a natural instinct, similar to that of moles and groundhogs, and it is present in most dogs. It comes from the fact that their ancestors were born and raised in dens, a mammal’s sheltered home.” The more you know!

Photo: Pixabay

Have you ever seen a dog put itself to sleep? Does your dog do it? Let us know!

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