Dog Raised With Cats Purrs When He’s Getting Petted

They say you are who you spend your time with, and one adorable pittie named Winston has embodied that to the fullest.

The sweet dog grew up with cats – lots of cats. He didn’t spend as much time around other dogs, so he started to pick up on some cat-like tendencies.

Winston’s owner, Beth Dooley Clark, shared a TikTok video of Winston, highlighting one of his cat behaviors: purring!

Photo: Unsplash/Dustin Humes

She wrote in the video, “Winston was raised with cats…so now he purrs when you pet him.

Throughout the video, Winston can be heard making a loud “purring” sound. He’s clearly loving every moment and appears completely relaxed!

Watch the video below:


Ohhhh Winston 🤦🏻‍♀️🤌🏻 #pitbull #purr #cat #catsoftiktok #catdog

♬ original sound – Beth Dooley Clark

The video has been viewed nearly one million times and has received comments and likes from thousands of people.

Some people couldn’t get enough of the sweet dog, and others had questions about his cat-like behavior.

Photo: TikTok/bethdc7

One person commented, “please tell me he comes when you ps ps ps jajaja.” While the comment was likely made as a joke, it turns out that he does, indeed, come when called like a cat!

In a follow-up video, Beth filmed herself making the “ps ps ps” call that’s usually used for cats. Winston immediately looks at her, and then leaps off the furniture to come!

It’s definitely something a cat would do. Watch the video below:


Reply to @luckrea he understood the assignment

♬ original sound – Beth Dooley Clark

Of course, many people also wanted to know if there were any videos of photos of Winston as a puppy.

People wanted to see him being raised with cats, and Beth did not disappoint.

Photo: TikTok/bethdc7
Photo: TikTok/bethdc7

She happened to have plenty of adorable pictures of Winston snuggled up with cat buddies when he was a pup. Check it out below:

What do you think of Winston the purring dog? Let us know!

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