Dog Pulls Bed Outside Only To Have It Fall Into The Pond

It’s a tough feeling when you work really hard for something, only to have that work fall apart. It’s something most of us can relate to, but the same is true for pets.

For an English cocker spaniel named Oona, the disappointment was too real after she worked so hard to pull her dog bed outside, only to have it end up in the pond.

Oona lives with her mom and dad in Melle, Belgium, where she has quite a comfortable home and a nice big yard to play in. One of her favorite things is her beloved dog bed, which her parents refer to as her “donut.”

Photo: Instagram/oonathecocker

Oona’s owner shared a video on TikTok of the adorable pup fighting to get her dog bed to fit through the doggy door.

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The bed is quite large and doesn’t easily fit, but Oona isn’t ready to give up.

Photo: TikTok/oonathecocker
Photo: TikTok/oonathecocker

It took a lot of effort, but the dog was finally able to pull the dog bed through the small dog door and into the yard.

It’s unclear what Oona was hoping to get from moving her bed outside. Her owner speculated on TikTok that perhaps she was ready to move out and be on her own. She captioned the video, “Bye mom! I’m going to live outdoors.”

Whatever her hopes were, they didn’t exactly pan out. After about five minutes of enjoying her bed outside, the whole thing blew into the pond.

Photo: TikTok/oonathecocker

“Our dog, Oona (English cocker spaniel, °4/4/2020), really wanted to have her pillow (we call it her donut) outside. So she decided to take it through the dog hatch. It took a lot of effort, but she succeeded! However, after 5 minutes she was very disappointed because her pillow was carried into the pond by the wind,” her owners explained to ViralHog.

Watch the video below:

You can follow Oona on TikTok, @oonathecocker, and Instagram, @oonathecocker.

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