Adorable Pittie Protests Her New Automatic Feeder

Dogs are often motivated by food. Food and treats can be used to train them, get their attention, and keep them occupied, like with treat-filled puzzle toys.

When it comes to their food, dogs mean business, and one dog is making it clear she won’t stand for things to be changed when it comes to her eating habits.

Olive is an adorable white pittie living with her owner, a nurse named Hailey Hart.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Hailey feeds Olive a specific amount of food each day, and she was tired of having to scoop the dog food into the dish multiple times per day. She decided to invest in an automatic feeder from Amazon that releases a specific amount of food into the bowl at set times throughout the day.

The first day she set the feeder up for Olive, the opinionated pup made it clear she wasn’t a fan of the new system.

Photo: TikTok/olive.and.hailey

Hailey shared a video of the dog, saying, “The new automatic feeder is…not working out.” In the video, Olive can be heard protesting with loud barks.

In the caption, Hailey shared that her dog thought the new feeder was a fancy puzzle toy and not her usual food bowl.

Photo: TikTok/olive.and.hailey

It’s unclear if Olive will be forced to continue using the feeder or if her protests will win!

Watch the video below:

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