Adorable Sheep Dog Tears Apart Cardboard Box In Viral Video

Dogs are such joyful creatures. It is rare to see them have a bad day. They are also very playful, and they really enjoy themselves when it comes to playtime.

But the most sincere thing about them is their ability to find entertainment in the silliest of items, like a cardboard box.

Unlike cats, who like to sit inside random cardboard boxes, dogs tend to enjoy tearing them to shreds.

Photo: flickr/Taro the Shiba Inu

Dylan, an Old English Sheepdog, seems to have a favorite pastime of ripping up boxes.

In fact, after he has torn up the box, he gets very excitable.

Photo: Patrick Kay

In the video below, he gets seriously psyched about getting to play with the ripped-up remains of a cardboard box.

Photo: Patrick Kay

He grabs at it, tosses it around, runs around the room – and the whole process begins again. It’ll definitely make you smile to see how happy this little pup gets over cardboard.

Watch Dylan down below:

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