German Shepherd Befriends A Black Bear In His Backyard

A video captured the moment a German Shepherd found an unlikely playmate: a wild black bear.

According to The New York Post, 37-year-old Jenn Sargent was doing chores when her neighbors warned her that her dog, Jameson, was playing with a bear in the back yard.

The Vermont resident was shocked and was able to see the whole thing unfold on her security camera footage.

Photo: Mail Online

In the video, you can see the German Shepherd tempting the bear to play. He ran a little ahead of the bear and crouched down – an invitation to play.

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Thankfully, the 150-pound black bear was also in a playful mood and took Jameson up on the game. The two danced around the yard, pausing occasionally to sniff one another. Eventually, they ran off out of the camera and ended their play.

Photo: Mail Online
Photo: Mail Online

According to The New York Post, Kennedy News reported that Sargent was amused by the footage, but mostly, she was relieved. She has two kids and said, “While it was a great video, my main emotion was pure relief. I was thankful my young children were not outside, the dog had no injuries and the fact that this bear was in a playful mood.”

Though the situation was entertaining and seemingly sweet, it could’ve ended badly. Thankfully, neither the bear nor the dog ended up injured.

Photo: Public Domain Pictures

Sargent noted that her dog is usually territorial and not keen on strangers, but said he “did appear to be looking for [the bear] the come back and play.”

Watch their interaction in the video below:

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