Rescue Dog Discovers His Hidden Talent For Playing Flute

Have you ever discovered that you had a secret talent by accident? Well, for one adorable little beagle puppy, it turns out that she has a bit of a musical side to her. And we can’t help but smile watching this puppy play a hilarious nasally tune on an improvised flute.

Princess Leia is the little beagle who plays a type of nose flute. The musical instrument is actually the remains of a torn apart squeaky toy that she destroyed and then repurposed.

She even seemed to be very entertained by her own creation – something that her owner was able to capture on a TikTok video.

Photo: TikTok / angelmarie134

In the clip you can clearly see she has a destroyed plastic part of a squeaker that she breathes into, resulting in a sound. It sounds almost like a kazoo rather than a flute.

Photo: TikTok / angelmarie134

Her owner, Angel Marie, has shared her puppy has a very vivacious zest for life – something that manifests itself through her addiction to destroying her toys. Marie has shared that her 10-month-old beagle mix, who is also a rescue pup, likes to take out the squeaky parts of her toys after she tears them apart.

Photo: TikTok / angelmarie134

Speaking of her beloved Princess Leia, she said, “She is a character by nature and has a typical sweet goofy hound dog.” And based on what we can see, we’re included to agree. She seems like a proper goofball.

Watch the hilarious video below:

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