Soft Play Center In The UK Is Now Allowing Dogs

After months of lockdown restrictions, things are finally beginning to open back up again. At Pipsqueaks Play Cafe in Wigan, there is even more good news: Dogs will be allowed to inside as well!

The staff at the center’s cafe have built an entirely dog-friendly space where dogs can play. However, the dogs won’t be allowed to mix within the kids’ play area.

The idea for this separate doggie play area first came up last year, and they shared a photo of the dog enjoying it on Facebook.

Photo: Facebook/Pipsqueaks Play Cafe

As the center’s owner, Wendy Unsworth, explained to the Manchester Evening News, “This is totally separate from the soft play. The rationale behind the exclusive dog-friendly play sessions is that adults and children have missed out on so much social contact and by allowing dogs, particularly lockdown pups, to come along, we remove a barrier to visiting soft play – lots of people don’t want to leave their dogs or would need to arrange for someone to pop in and check on them.”

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Unsworth further added that the play area isn’t just designed for puppies but dogs of all ages are welcome. She even shared that they’d already had some old dogs come in, and their owners felt it was a great way for them to socialize without having to move around too much.

Photo: Pixabay

Unsworth also shared that Pips is very much a family establishment, and it was only natural for them to include dogs since they are also very much a part of any family. As a result, they now have the dog-friendly seating area.

However, sometimes they do have to shut it down occasionally if there is a class being held in the space. But for the most part, Unsworth has said it’s been wonderful seeing all the families stopping by with their dogs while their children play in their own play area.

Photo: flickr/Eden, Janine and Jim

She did say that while the dogs aren’t allowed into the soft play area quite yet, they may actually be getting their very own sometime soon. She elaborated, stating, “The next idea is that before we next have a professional deep clean, we will hand the centre over to the dogs for a play session. Apparently swimming pools do it before they are emptied and refilled and also Chill Factore before they replace all their equipment. The dogs would love it.”

Sounds like it could be loads of fun for the animals.

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