These Dogs Invented A New Way To Play Fetch Together

When Kristine Lequerique and her fiance Jeremy Ortiz moved into their new home, there was a lot to be excited about — the new location, the chance to decorate, etc.

But for their two pups, Lela and Bear, the most exciting part was undoubtedly the staircase. These two dogs had big plans!

In a video shared on TikTok, Lequerique filmed the duo and explained an inventive new game they played, using all the new space and the big fancy staircase:


“These two have created the weirdest system of fetch with each other,” she captioned the video. “We throw it and [Lela] catches it, then [Bear] waits” at the bottom of the stairs.

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As his sister chases the bright neon tennis ball, Bear positions himself right under the landing at the top of the stairs, ready for action. Lela drops her catch through the railing to Bear below, “then he brings it back and the cycle starts again!”


It looks like the pair have found a great way to not only play together but with their family at the same time while adding a new twist to a classic game!

The couple is “still not clear on who taught who” the unique game — but the video has been widely shared and watched, with over a million views on the video-sharing platform.

Photo: flickr/Llima Orosa

The pair of pups, who are blue heelers, are endlessly fascinated with the game and apparently pester their parents to play all day!

“This happens all day, every day. They can go for hours or until we stop. Then they just continue to throw the ball at you until we start again,” Lequerique told The Dodo. “They’re so smart.”

Watch more of Leyla and Bear in action below!


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