Woman Can’t Figure Out Why People Keep Staring At Her Dog

Dogs can be notorious for picking up random items along the road while out for a walk.

I have a friend who has two little Jack Russell mixes, and they are forever picking up random stuff. In particular, they are little terrors when it comes to discarded food on the road.

It’s like they have a radar for it, and the couple of times I’ve dog-sat them I’ve had to be very vigilant that they don’t end up eating anything.

Photo: TikTok/@lawstudentprincess

One of my friend’s dogs, Millie, also has a knack for finding random tennis balls. Any park I’ve ever taken her to, she always manages to come out of the bushes with a random tennis ball.

But one pet owner ended up getting quite the funny shock after her pooch unknowingly picked up a pacifier from the street. Peggy Kern was out for a walk with her beloved dog, Minnie, when she noticed something strange.

Photo: TikTok/@lawstudentprincess

Along their walk, the two seemed to be constantly under the gaze of others. It struck Peggy as odd, especially since they were passing people who were clearly whispering about them – some of them even pointing and staring in their direction. Peggy couldn’t tell what was going on.

But then, at one point during their walk, Minnie turned around to look at Peggy, and suddenly it all clicked. It wasn’t Peggy who was getting the strange attention, it was Minnie! And the reason for all the points and stares and laughter was because Minnie had something clutched in her mouth: a pacifier!

Photo: TikTok/@lawstudentprincess

As it turned out, somewhere along their route, Minnie had stumbled upon the pacifier and mistaken it for a new toy. The pooch picked it up and continued her walk with the pacifier in her mouth, earning her the attention of strangers. Aren’t dogs just so adorable?

Watch the hilarious TikTok below:

@lawstudentprincess my sweet little baby 😭😭 #dog #dogsoftiktok #puppy #puppylove #labrador #americanstaffordshireterrier #baby ♬ Funny Song – Cavendish Music

Has your dog ever picked up something while out on a walk? Let us know!

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