70-Pound Lab Picked Up And Thrown Around By Large Gust Of Wind

A now-viral video shows a 70-pound lab being lifted in the air by a suspected dust devil and tossed around.

The footage was taken in Weyers Cave, Virginia, and shows a dog named Duke being briefly lifted into the air by what’s suspected to be a dust devil.

According to Duke’s owner, Brittany Wampler, the 70-pound lab is completely fine, thankfully.

Photo: flickr/Dave Hensley
Photo: Pixabay

The video was captured on a doorbell camera by a neighbor and when Wampler heard what happened from her kids, she asked her neighbors for the footage to confirm.

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Photo: YouTube/Stephen Messenger

She wrote on Facebook, “Well Duke the flying lab is ok, thank goodness, and I didn’t entirely believe my kids at first but to see it with my own eyes…can’t deny it. He’s not up for autographs yet, we’ll keep ya posted.”

Watch the crazy video below:

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